Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pondering revolution

it's something that happens deep inside.  it's more than political upheaval, more than any economic system.  it's who we are inside that needs changing.  in my humble opinion, the only way this world will ever change for the better is when we seriously tackle the task of changing ourselves.  we've all been fed the same lies about who we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to be to be successful.  it's all really hard to let go of.  but if we really can let go of it all, and reconstruct who we are and the ways we relate to one another- great things await.

it's all about being free, right?  free to be our truest selves.  free of the constant pressure to make money and rise up to the top of our respective corporate towers.  for some folks, it works to drop out of sociey- travel light and not feel too concerned with how or whether the bills get paid.  for people like me, most people, it's not that easy.

and so the struggle is to break free while we're still enslaved.  perpetually enslaved by the dollar, debt, corporate greed, and the law.  the struggle is to find a way to be happy and to feel free- to feel like you spend your days doing what you really want to be doing.  but we're all trapped.  

when i came back from europe- i walked around like a person with newly opened eyes.  i saw all this societal imprisonment that most folks never think twice about.  i saw it everywhere and i felt above it all.  i felt that i'd been liberated at long last and that once i was able to see it all, it could not beat me down again.  but it has.  the pressure to be all the things i'm supposed to be gets me down while my back is turned.  i find myself trapped in mindsets i thought i'd left behind.  but i don't want them anymore.  i'm sick of constantly feeling like i'm too much of this and not enough of that.  i just want to be me.  and i want you to be you.  because you are the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.  

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