Monday, December 28, 2009

patriarchy zine- calling for submissions!

i'm looking for submissions to a zine about life in patriarchal society. stories, rants, essays, poetry, artwork, whatever you want to do. deadline is 2/1/10. tell yer friends!

if you want to submit something- please have it zine ready. landscape page format (so that the long sides of the page are the top and bottom), 1/2 sheets, wide margins.

folks keep asking me- what do you want? what's it going to be like? the answer is that i don't know. i have no idea until it's all before me and done. when i organize other people, i consciously try not to control them. i lay the framework, get some foundation down to allow everyone else's creativity to shine. then i step back, wait to see what comes, and something beautiful and unique is invariably born. my favorite projects are those that i have the least to do with. all i know is this- lots of people struggle with our patriarchal society and lots of people want to be free. but it's hard. we're alienated from one another, afraid to talk to one another, we feel powerless and alone. so i decided to put out a call for submissions and see what happens. so far it's been good. i've had feedback from many people, local and in far away american places- many are really excited that this project is underway and many are planning to submit or already have. how about you?

email it to me: or contact me that way so we can work off a handoff/mailing address if it's not something you can email.


Sunday, December 27, 2009


free radio chukshon is now on 103.3 fm in tucson.  now all of tucson can hear it.  it's on from 4-midnight, mon. thru sat.  4-9 on sundays.  check it out!  you can also listen online at



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

moving on

my head is clearing, little by little and i have an insane and unprecedented abundance of creative energy.  it was very stifled before.  my eyes are opening up as the fog clears.

watched a great documentary on charles bukowski and have gained a lot of inspiration from learning about him.  he worked hard every day and wrote every night.  he was also a misogynistic drunk- but the documentary put all that in perspective and conveyed how he was very human.  anyway- the bit about how hard he worked at his day job and how he did his writing all the rest of the time hit home.  it's where i've been for a long time.  writing and creating on the weekends and evenings.  sometimes i'm too tired for it- but i need to keep going anyway.  there's fire inside me and i have to keep feeding it.  the flames of creativity.

i had an intense dream a few nights ago.  i woke up in the middle of the night and knew it was important that i remember it all, so i told it to my cat and instructed him not to let me forget.  the dream was about how it doesn't matter if the machines/capitalism/patriarchy/anger/etc win.  because as long as we're free, no one can take that away.  real freedom is internal and real freedom is untouchable.  


Saturday, December 12, 2009

opening up

this world makes us afraid of each other, afraid of ourselves. we distrust strangers, simply because we do not know them. to open up, attempt connection, embark on conversation- we open ourselves up to the potential of misunderstanding, of cruelty, of obligation.

when we embark on conversation with strangers, we open up the possibility that the person will become significant somehow. perhaps we'll find we have something in common, perhaps we'll disagree. either way- there is an obligation that comes with the acknowledgment that one is more than another random face on the street. when ANYONE becomes SOMEONE- suddenly we care a bit about what happens to them. we become emotionally obligated to care.

in earlier times- conversing with strangers would have been a norm. it would have been a basic fact of daily life. but today, in our world of anonymous computerized grocery store checkouts, constant handheld communication devices interfering with opportunities to interact with people immediately around us, and rampant fear of anything unknown or different- life can be lonely and terrifying.

talking to strangers is nothing short of revolutionary.