Thursday, June 11, 2009

and some pictures

first is the sacred heart cathedral. you know that scene in amelie when she has him meet her for the album handoff? he runs up the stairs to a little telescope thing and then down to a living statue with a pointing hand. sacred heart is where that scene was filmed. i was glad that i watched amelie over and over again before i left.
next is some detail from the arc de triumph in paris. it's a giant arch that napolean built.

my new friend. currently he is perched on the back of my neck.

and a painting of a fish in a paris alleyway.

next is the little theater of happiness. also in a random parisian alley.

the sacred heart cathedral was riddled with tourists, but it was pretty great. there was this living statue guy outside. he moved slowly, semi-dancing with his flower. and then there was an interesting old monastary across the street.

next is the view of paris from atop the sacred heart catedral. pretty sweet.

lastly- i love the patios on french apartments. there are many with flowers.

soon there will be pictures from nevers. i slept off my jet lag most of today and didn't take any pictures. although i did successfully order myself a cup of coffee in french. it was a tremendous accomplishment.


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