Monday, June 15, 2009

france is old

there are insanely old buildings all around me, all the time. yesterday we visited an old cathedral that was originally constructed by the romans and then overhauled in gothic style in the 14th century or so. it's just a short walk from my friends' place.

i went to a bbq with a bunch of french folks who didn't speak english. it was at this lovely community garden that folks have going here. if i had drawn a picture beforehand of what i thought a french bbq evening would be like- it would have been exactly like what happened. a group of 8-10 folks sitting on blankets on the ground, surrounded by lush greenery. bagettes and bottles of wine abounded. a guitar was passed around and once in awhile someone picked up the harmonica. i had no idea how important the bagette was until now.

i can't get over how much american music is here. yesterday i saw a guy with elvis tatoos all over his arms. it's annoying, actually. i mean- it's good to see french folks have a healthy respect for bob dylan, but i was really looking forward to listening to french music. seems like i hear american music more than french.


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Biff Slick said...

So how close are you to Paris? I know you’re not a underground layer person like me, but there are underground tunnels all throughout Paris that are of varying age and complexity and recently opened to public viewing in some instances. In other instances you can sneak in; however this could be like the Africanized Killer Bee/ Diamond-back rattlesnake debacle. Take ridiculous amounts of pictures please. I will probably never get to see what you’re seeing right now so take pictures of shit you think I would like to see as well. I.e. French midgets dressed in clown costumes....

Love ya, hope you’re having lots of fun.