Thursday, June 11, 2009

day 2

hi friends-

got into paris yesterday morning. my friends met me at the airport and we wandered paris awhile before heading to nevers, where they live and where i'll be for the next month or so.

discoveries so far:

french keyboards are different from american (making typing excruciatingly slow)

french people don't drink water (true desert girl- i've still got my water bottle next to me at all times)

french people don't carry their coffee around with them

french kittens are just as cute as american ones

french people are less afraid of strangers and are more likely to talk to random people than americans

french people listen to a lot of american pop and are unaware of indy music

wine really is cheaper than water

it is interesting to be in a situation where i don't speak the language. i feel it all at the tip of my tongue, but actually communicating is hard. i'm confident it will come. i just have to keep trying.

today i found a circle a carved into the sidewalk near my friends' apartment bldg. i was happy.

i have been taking pics. i'll post them soon.


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