Wednesday, November 11, 2009

writing is like throwing up

i've blogged with this title more than once.  but it really IS like throwing up, only it takes way longer and is in some ways more uncomfortable.  i finished a piece i've been working on for the last couple months.  and suddenly a great weight has been lifted.  it's really done.  well... it's not done done cuz i still have to do all those little finishing touch type things and it will be turned into a zine so i still have to do that and make copies and all that.  but the hardest part is over.  all that mental wrestling and worrying and trying to get the words right- that part is done.  i think now that perhaps my emotional strife of recent weeks is largely due to this writing project.  cuz suddenly i feel way better.

it's totally like throwing up.  i heave and some words come out on the page... i think i'm done, but there are still dry heaves happening- false starts and lots of staring at the screen doing nothing.  then another productive heave, then nothing for awhile.  and then, just like when you're done throwing up- you just sort of know that it's over.  you said what you had to say and it's all done now.  you can move on, brush your teeth, go back to bed, tomorrow's a new day.

thanks to the veterans, i had today off.  my paycheck is gonna suck, but i'm definitely enjoying today.



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